(Paper) CGI Placement Paper (Verbal & Aptitude)

Paper: CGI Placement Paper (Verbal & Aptitude)

This was especially for the mainframes and they had stressed on CICS.

The paper is divided in 2 sections:

1: Verbal

2: quantitative.

The test is of 1 hour and 15 minutes duration.


1. U have to point grammatical errors, about 10 were there.

2. U have to fill the blanks with correct options about 20.

3. a comprehension and 12 questions.


1. Data sufficiency. there were about 15 questions of the type A question is given with 2 options. U have 2 conclude ans can be determined by only option 1 or 2 or both or both r insufficient.

2. Data interpretation. This was dam tough. U have to manipulate a graph and answer about 12 questions. there were also the questions on graphs and tables.

3.  Contractor has 2 complete work within a fixed time. If he is late he has to pay fine. The first day it is Rs 200 and from then on it increases by 25 per day. He has to pay Rs 9450. How many days he got late.

Ans is 21.

4. Sphere of diameter 6 cm is melted to form a cone with diameter 12 cm. Find height of cone.

5. Shakuntala devi sum of the number of glasses received intact.

6. Sum on Cisterns, Pipes a, B and C r there a and b can fill the tank in 4 and 5 hours respectively. C can empty tank in 2 hours. If the pipes were opened at 1.00 and 2.00 am successively by what time will the tank be empty.

7. a question on cost of painted area.

8. A brick size is 8" x 6". An L shaped wall has to be built with width of 4, other two dimmensions are 21 and 7. Find no of Bricks reqd.

Ratio of base and heights of a cone and cylinder is given. Find ratio of their curved surfaces.