(Book) Job Interviews By Walter Vieira

Book Title: Job Interviews ByWalter Vieira.

Book Summary of Job Interviews:

The norms that we were used to, have changed in the 21st century. Today, the Interviewer needs the Interviewee; as much as the Interviewee needs the job! The Interviewer is not always in a superior position, as in the past. In some industries, there is a great shortage of qualified candidates. The Interviewee has man more choices than the Interviewer! Job Interviews, where both can win is an attempt to present an easy to read book, for those on either side of the table. For those who have to hone their interviewing skills to select the best candidates and ensure Corporate Success and for those who will appear for job interviews so that they not only get a job but they get more – they get Career Satisfaction! This book intends to fill that need. To build a bridge of communication, understanding, and appreciation for each other’s situation. It is written in Walter Vieira’s inimitable style – simple, to the point, a sense of humour, and relying on his vast experience of over forty years as a corporate executive and then, a leading management consultant. It guides the Interviewer on how to get the right person. It shows the Interviewee how to get the right job. When this happens, it is a WIN=WIN situation for both.

Details of Book:

Book: Job Interviews
Author: Walter Vieira
ISBN: 8178061570
ISBN-13: 9788178061573, 978-8178061573
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2009
Publisher: Unicorn Books
Edition: 01
Number of Pages: 148
Language: English