(Aptitude Paper) Important Aptitude Questions Paper

Paper : Important Aptitude Questions

1) A can do a work in 8 days, B can do the work in 7 days and C can do the work in 6 days. A works on the first day, B on the second day and C on the third day. They continue in the same manner till the work is finished. Which day will they finish the work?

2) A batsman scores 23 runs and increases his average from 15 to 16. Find the runs to be scored if he wants to increase his average to 18 in the same match?

3) A man sells apples. First he gives half of the total apples and a half apple. He than gives half of the remaining apple and a half apple. He exhausts all the apples with the seventh person. How many apples did he have initially?

4) In a club there are male and female members. If 15 females quit than the number of females is double the males. If 45 males quit than the number of females is five times the number of males. Find the number of females?

5) A person has Rs. 100/- If he wins he gains 10 %. If he loses he will lose 10%. He wins twice and loses twice. How much is left with him at the end?

6) 2, 3, 6, 7. Using these numbers form the possible four digit numbers divisible by 4.

7) Find the product of the prime numbers between 1 and 20.

8) Diamond’s value is proportional to its weight2 . A piece of diamond broke and the weights of the broken pieces were in the ratio 1:2:3:4:5. The loss in value is Rs 85000/-. What is the value of the diamond twice the Weight of the original diamond?

9) Tortoise gets 100 meters head start. Hare is ten times as fast as Tortoise. What is the distance traveled by Hare to catch the Tortoise?

10) In 1978, a KG of paper cost Rs 25/-. If the paper rate increases by 1.5% more than the inflation rate of 6.5% a year, what will be the cost of paper after 2 years?

11) In a population of 10000, 1/5th wear one ring. Half of the remaining wears none, and the other half wear 2 each. What is the total number of Ear Rings?

12) A person goes with a speed of U Kmph and return with a speed of U/2 Kmph. What is his average speed?

13) A bus service has a bus every 14 Minutes. Two friends were cycling at a speed of 12 miles per hour. A bus overtakes them exactly 20 minutes after the previous bus overtook them. What is the speed of the bus?

14) Tower A is 200 feet high. Tower B is 150 feet high. The distance between the two towers is 250 feet. A bird from the top of Tower A and another bird from the top of the other tower start to eat a feed, which is in between the two towers, with the same speed and reach at the same time. What is the distance of the feed from tower A?

15) In an office, if the numbers of females are doubled or the numbers of males are tripled, the total becomes 30. Find the number now?

16) If the average of three numbers is 135 and the difference between others is 25, find the lowest number?

17) If g(0) = g(1) = 1 and g(n) = g(n-1) + g(n-2) find g(6)?

18) A plane moves from 9N40E to 27S40W. If the plane starts at 10 AM and takes 8 hours to reach the destination, find the local arrival time?

19) Using the three cans 16 Liter can, 7 liter can and 3 liter can only, a customer has to be given 11 liters of milk. Explain?

20) The size of a program is N. The memory occupied by the program is Square root of 100N. If the size of the program is increased by 1%, what will be the memory?

21) A man starts moving uphill at 7.00 AM on a road length of 25 Kms, at 10 Kmph. He starts moving downhill the next day at 7.00 AM with a speed of 15 Kmph. Where will he be at the same point of time as he was the day before?

22) A and B run a 1760 meter race and reach the finishing point at the same time. A runs 20% faster than B. B quickens his pace and covers the remaining distance running 20% faster than A. When B quickens the pace A would have run -------- meters.

23) A number system has 100 as base. How many digits do we need to write 100 in the system?

24) IBM and SGI quote for a tender. On the tender opening day, IBM realizes that their quotation are in the ratio 7:4 and decreases its price to make it Rs 1 lakh lower than the SGI’s quoted price. SGI later found out that the final quotes of the two were in the ratio of 3:4. What was the price at which IBM won the bid?

25) Rekha committed two mistakes in an examination where all the questions carried equal marks and obtained 72%. If she had attempted 4 more questions and committed 3 mistakes, she would have obtained 84%. If there was no negative marking for wrong answers, how many questions were asked?

26) Kanti beats Padma in a kilometer race by 50 seconds and Rekha by 450 meters. If Padma and Rekha run a kilometer race, Padma wins by 40 Seconds. How much time does Rekha take to run a kilometer?

27) Refer to the figure given below. A ship started from P and moves at a speed of I miles per hour. Another ship starts from L and moves with H miles per hour simultaneously. Where do the two ships meet?
||-----g----||----h----||----i----||----j----||-----k----||----l----||. P, G, H, I, J, K, L are the various stops in between denoted by ||. The values g, h, i, j, k, l denote the distance the distance between the ports.

28) There is a circular pizza with negligible thickness that is cut into ‘X’ pieces by 4 straight line cuts. What is maximum and minimum value of ‘X’ respectively?

29) A traveler walks a certain distance. Had he gone half a kilometer an hour faster, he would have walked it in 4/5th of the time. Had he gone half a kilometer an hour slower, he would have walked 2 ½ hour longer. What is the distance?

30) A ship leaves on a long voyage. When it is 18 miles from the shore, a seaplane, whose speed is 10 times that of the ship, is sent to deliver mail. How far from the shore does the seaplane catch up with the ship?

31) In a circular race track of length 100 Meters, three persons A, B and C start together. A and B move in the same direction at 10 meters per second and 8 meters per second respectively. C moves in the opposite direction at 15 meters per second. When will all the three meet for the first time?

32) A car has run 10000 miles using 5 tyres interchangeably. To have an equal worn-out by all tyres, how many miles each tyre should run?

33) Amar bought 5 Pens, 7 Pencils and 4 Erasers. Rajan bought 6 Pens, 8 erasers and 14 Pencils for an amount which was half more than what Amar had paid. What % of the total amount paid by Amar was for Pens?

34) A non stop bus to Amritsar overtakes an auto at 10 AM. The bus reaches Amritsar at 12.30 PM and starts its return journey after 1 hour. On the way back it meets the auto at 2.00 PM. At what will the auto reach Amritsar?

35) The cost of one Pencil, two Pens and four Erasers is Rs 22/-, while the cost of five Pencils, four Pens and two erasers is Rs. 32/-. How much will three Pencils, three Pens and Three Erasers cost?

36) The lowest temperature in a city is 1/3rd more than half the highest. The sum of the two temperatures is 100. What is the lowest temperature?

37) The total expense of a boarding house is partly fixed and partly variable with the number of boarders. The charge is Rs 70 per head when there are 25 boarders and Rs 60 when there are 50 boarders. Find the charge per head when there are 100 boarders?

38) There are 80 coins, among them one coin weighs less compared to other. You are given a physical balance to weigh. In how many weighing the odd coin can be found

39) There are two trees in a lawn. One grows at a rate of 3/5th of the other in four years. If the total growth of the trees is 8 ft, what is the height of the smaller tree in 2 years?

40) X’s father’s wife’s father’s granddaughter’s uncle will be related to X as

41) A man, a woman and a child can do a work in 6 days. If the man can do it 24 days or the woman can do it 16 days, how long will the child will take to do it alone?

42) If TAFJHH is coded as SBEKGI then RBDJK will be coded as

43) IF VXUPLVH is coded as SURMISE, what is SHDVD?

44) Complete the series 3, 8, ---, 24, ----, 48, 63

45) A can copy 50 papers in 10 hours, while A and B can copy 70 papers in 10 hours. How many hours are required for B to copy 26 papers?

46) A is twice as efficient as B. A and B work together to complete a work in 7 days. In how days can A alone complete the work?

47) In a mixture R is two parts and S is one part. In order to have S as 25% of the mixture how much R is to be added?

48) Two Stations A & B are 110 KM apart. One train starts from A at 7 AM, and travels towards B at 20 KMPH. Another train starts at 8 AM from B and travels towards A at 25 KMPH. At what time will they meet?

49) A power unit is situated by the bank of a river which is 750 meters wide. A cable is made from the power unit to a power plant on the other side of the river and is 1500 meters away from the power unit. The cost of the cable below water is Rs 15/- per meter and Rs 12 if it is on the ground. Find the cost of laying the cable?

50) Can u make 120 with 5 zeros?