1.Alfred buys an old scooter for Rs.4700 and spends Rs 800 on its repairs.If he sells the scooter for Rs5800,his gain percent is
a.4 4/7 % b.5 5/11 % c.10 % d.12%

2.Shyam purchased 20dozens of toys at the rate of Rs.375 per dozen .He sold each one of them at the rate of Rs 33 what was his percentage profit
a. 3.5 b. 4.5 c. 5.6 d.6.5

3.Peter purchased a machine for Rs 80000 and spent Rs.5000 on repair and Rs.1000 on transport and sold it with 25% profit.At what price did he sell the machine 
a.Rs1,05,100 b.Rs1,06,250 c.Rs. 1,07,500 d.none of these

4.vA school bookshop sells an outdated biology text book for $49.35, making a 6% loss. What was the cost price of the book, and what is the cash value of the loss?
a.$52.50 ,$3.15 b.$62.50,$3.15 c.$52.30,$3.15 d.$53.50,$4.20

5.When a commodity is sold for Rs.34.80 there is a loss of 2% what is the cost price of the commodity
a. Rs26.10 b. Rs. 43 c.Rs 43.20 d.Rs. 46.40

6.A person brought 20lts of milk at the rate of 8per liter .He got it churned after spending Rs.10 and 5kg of cream and 20lts of tonned milk are obtained.If he sold the cream at Rs30 per kg and toned milk at Rs.4 per lt his profit in the transaction is
a.25% b.35.3% c.35.7% d.42.5%

7.A trader buys a chair for Rs 600 and sells it for Rs 765 at a credit of 4 months reckoning money worth 6% per annum his gain % is
a.20% b.22.5% c.25% d.27.5%

8.If the sellinfg price of an article is 4/3rd of its cost price the profit in the transaction is
a.16 2 /3% b.20 ½%c.25 ½ % d.33 1/3 %

9.The ratio of cost price to the selling price is 4:5 the profit % is
a.10% b.20% c.25% d.30%

10.At what profit % must an article must be sold so that by selling at half that price there may be a loss of 30%
a.25% b.36% c.40% d.42%

11.If loss is 1/3 of selling price the loss % is
a.16 2/3% b.20% c.25% d.33 1/3%

12.Tarun got 30% concession on the labled price of an article and sold it for Rs 8750 with 25 % on the price he bought.What was the labled price 
a.Rs 10000 b.Rs 12000 c.Rs 16000 d.data inadequate

13.A shopkeeper sol an article offering a discount of 5% and earned a profit of 23.5 % What woul have been the % of profit earned if no discount is offered HYPERLINK "http://a.24.5/"#'
a. 24.5 b.28.5 c. 30 d.none

14.A shopkeeper sells 25 articles at Rs.45 per article giving 10% discount and earns 50% profit .If the discount is not
given the profit gained is
a.60% b.62 2/3 c.66 d.66 2/3

15.A trade marked the selling price of the article at 10% above the cost price. At the time of selling he allows certain discount and suffers a loss of 1%.He allowed a discount of
a.9% b.10% c.10.5% d.11%

16.At what % above the cost price must the shop keeper mark his goods so that he gains 20% even after giving a discout of 10% on marked price
a.25 b.30 c.33 1/3 d.37 ½

17.A tradesman marked his goods 30 % above the cost price if he allows a discount of 6 ¼% then the gain% is
a. 21 7/8% b.20 c.22 d.none

18.A bag marked at Rs 80 is sold for Rs68. The rate of discount is
a.12 b,15% c.17 11/17% d.20%

19.2/3rd of the consignment were sold at a profit of 5% and remainder at the loss of 2% If the total profit Rs 400 the valu of consignment in Rs is
a. 10000 b.12000 c.15000 d.20000

20.A fair price shopkeeper takes 10% profit on his goods.He lost 20% goods during theft his loss% is
a.8 b.10 c.11 d.12