(Alert) Looking To Join A Course / Job Guarantee Program ? (Must Read!)

Alert : Looking To Join A Course / Job Guarantee Program ?

Off the late, I have been witnessing many instances where job seekers (especially Freshers) are getting cheated by FAKE Consultancies and Companies. I don't want that to happen to you. With minimum care, you can avoid getting cheated. Most of you might be aware of these things but still many of you fall in trap by their convincing false claims. These guidelines might help someone who is new to industry or fresh out of college. Please forward this to every one of your friends and try to help at least few of them from getting cheated.

Thumb Rule # 1:

Companies don't need to take any money from you. They might tell you hundreds of stories like they are taking money as a 'Security Deposit' or for 'Infrastructure' purpose. Don't trust them. If they don't have enough money for their infrastructure, they don't deserve to run the company
Instead, I advise you to trust a company who doesn't ask a penny from you even if it is a start-up company. You can work for FREE (or for a very less salary) if you want to get some work experience. That is Ok. But never pay money from your pocket for any reason. In worst-case scenario, if you are paying money, don't forget to take a signed paper (On their Company Notepad with the signature from an official) or a valid bank receipt from them in which it's clearly written that you have paid the money as a refundable security deposit and it should also have the Terms & Conditions.

Also, don't submit/handover your educational certificates (or any original documents) unless it is a very good company and its mandatory for all employees working there. If you are submitting the documents, make sure you get a written proof that they have taken them as per the policy of their organization. (F.Y.I., Good companies never insist their employees to handover originals to them. They generally ask you to bring them during joining period to cross check with the photocopies of the same.) If you blindly believe somebody's words without following the above guidelines then, you will be in serious trouble later when you want to leave the company. I know many freshers who suffered because of this. Hope you don't get into trouble.                                                  By The Freshersworld.com Team.

Thumb Rule # 2:

It has become a trend that many companies/institutes asking jobless people to pay 50,000 (or more) and they will pay you 2,000 per month. Just think logically how foolish it is. For 1 year, they will be paying you (2000X12=) 24,000. So, you are working FREE for them for more than 2 years. In other words, they will be giving you a part of the amount that you have paid to them initially. And they will be enjoying the interest on your money.

These institutes promise you a lot of things when you go for counseling. They will show their past record of placing people in MNC companies and they will tell you the list of companies that come there for the placement. Don't get deceived by them. All those promises will go in vain the moment you pay the money.
In the worst-case scenario, if you must join, then enquire with the students who are studying there and who already studied there. (You can know any regrets from those who are currently studying there and you will know the pros and cons from the people who already studied there. Try to get feedback from those who achieved the job and those who couldn't get the job after the completion of the course.)

Unveiling the Secret :- From my experience, I can say that, typically some good training institutes could place those candidates who meet with the company's eligibility criteria such as the engineering branch/stream you have done and the percentage criteria through out the candidate's career. These institutes will lure freshers showing the past records and allows everybody to join the course initially but they keep mum on this issue until you demand the reason why they couldn't place YOU. Remember, even the good institutes are running on a profit basis and NOT on a service basis!

It's always good to get trained in some latest technologies and it improves your chance of getting a job. But don't join any institute based on their promise of giving you a job. When you want to join an institute, remember to enquire with the student who has taken the course and observe the infrastructure, lab availability timings, and the faculty. Some institutes train you using their previous batch students as faculty. Be careful. Preferably, join a branded institute as they maintain quality of education to some level. But generally they are expensive to afford as they try to maintain the quality. Remember? No institute is at your service ! Everything is business. You cannot change that, but you need to be careful.
                                                  By The Freshersworld.com Team.

Thumb Rule # 3:

There is a subtle difference between 'Placement Assistance' and 'Placement Guarantee'. The former one means that they will help you to get a job, but no guarantee. If you observe the advertisements carefully, most of them mention '100% Placement Assistance'. Later they can always escape saying that they never guaranteed a job. Even if they do, there will be a famous super star saying "* Conditions Apply !" :-). Ask them what those conditions are.
When some institute says 'Placement Guarantee', ask them to mention it in written and give it to you. (No body can dare to give you. They cleverly say that how can we assure you a job if you don't learn anything. Or they will ask you not to join the course if you don't have the trust on them and they can even say that, there are hundreds of candidates who are pursuing the course and they will slap a question back to you whether they are all fools to join that institute. What will be your reaction? ) See to it that it's clearly mentioned in that document WHAT IF they can't provide you a job. Also tell them that you will pay the money the next moment they provide you a job (Since they are anyway saying job is guaranteed, ask them what's the problem with this...:-)).

Some institutes say that they will recruit you based on your performance in training. This is even more fishy. They can always escape later saying your performance is not up to the mark (Despite of you performing very good) and walk away with your money. Be careful.

In the worst case, if you are paying money, see to it that you pay in installments. (At least, it will save you from losing your entire money). If their training is really good, you will anyway pay the remaining money. Otherwise, you can escape with the least damage. Hope you will keep in mind that I've asked you to join an institute mainly to learn the technology and not for their job guarantee scheme. So when you want to learn, join the best! It may even fetch you a job!  

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