(Paper) Latest Accenture Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 17th September, 2010


Latest Accenture Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 17th September, 2010

Company Name: Accenture
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi friends, Myself Ravi Prakash tripathi got placed in Accenture at Bangalore Accenture drive conducted in SJBIT, at 17-18 september 2010.
There was four round process. All rounds are very easy but you need to be fast and active. I mention here those steps for selection in a deep ocean the name Accenture....
1. Aptitude Test
2. GD
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

The first round

I just want to share my experience. The first round is aptitude round consist of three sets of question.
1. Verbal Section
2. Mathematical Reasoning
3. Analytical Reasoning.

Verbal Section: According to me all these question is very simple but you need to be quick. question in verbal like paragraph, article, preposition, and word filling. around 20 question from verbal section. For Mathematical reasoning: refer R. S Agarwal verbal and non-verbal reasoning. And the last section is analytic all question will appears analytical ability you have to read the passage and make some arrangement according to passage, and another is pattern matching, and lastly they will ask replacement problem like * means +,+means /,/ means *such type..
This all question is very simple simply go through R. S Aggarwal verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

The second round

Group Discussion: The second round is Group Discussion. This was my first GD that really very easy but you speak clearly don't think other who will able to make sentence and who make sentence simply tell what you want to share don't hesitate. thats Really so easy in our batch they select 11 out of 15.
After Clearing GD. They called me next day for technical and HR. The technical person are really very good they ask only basic question. but make sure with your interesting subject and little bit of programming skill like sorting, searching, prime no, palindrome, swapping without using third variable, and so on.

Final Round

The last round is HR interview be concentrate what you speak. Be friendly and don't hesitate and answer fluently don't show yourself too smart. For me that was really good. Few question I want to share
1. Hi, Ravi how you feeling here?
2. Explain what you did yesterday?
3. Prove how your days fine yesterday?
4. Why you not maintain your marks more than 75%?
5. Which type of sport you like?
6. Who is your ideal sports person?
7. Why only this person?
8. and some basic question..
You know you will get the result that time itself because the HR person definitely give you some hint.
So, All the best for everyone. I hope you will be the part of Accenture in nearest future.
Exam/Interview Date: 17-Sep-2010.
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview.
Location : Bangalore.
Contributor Name: Ravi Prakash Tripathi.