(Paper) Accenture Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern November 2010 (Hyderabad)


Accenture Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern November 2010 (Hyderabad)

Company Name: Accenture
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

H friends accenture has conducted a off campus drive in bvrit.more than 2000 members were attended for the screening test(written).on day one at around 3 pm our slot came to write and each room was filled with around 40 mems.55 mins exam in which we were given aptitude,reasoning,a technical paragraph which is very lengthy and most time will be wasted here but it will gain marks apprehension and another general paragraph in the same way.

The problems on Venn-diagrams, Syllogism, Cubes, Ages, Time and work, Time and distance. I suggest you to go through R.S. Agarwal it will give a lot of practice and grammar on Articles, Prepositions simple antonyms and Synonyms just simple ones u can easily go through the exam with mere practice. You may not get full out of full but u will get confidence and the last 5 mins we wee given an essay "Impact of English channels on Indian culture". At around 7pm our results were announced and around 400 to 500 were promoted to next round. My name was called at 7.30 for the GD, each panel has 15 members and our panel has 8 members. We were a given a topic on "Indian education System versus Foreign education system and the GD went neatly and only one member was eliminated and we were promoted to Technical HR.

We were asked to come on next day for the remaining rounds to clear up. The day ended with complete anxiety and tension. Next day morning at 9 they started to verify our complete profiles and taking our certificates (xerox) and students at a batch of 20 were called each time for the Technical Round at 2.30 my name called and we have been sent to another building and waiting for out turn and suddenly they called out my name and I started to shiver literally and my Hr was a lady she was soooooo coooooool that she gave me so much support that to leave my tension and started to ask questions about my self, my projects, pointers (to tell completely about pointers that I know), Java characteristics explain each of them separately (polymorphism, etc) she asked why my percentage got declined in B.Tech when compared to my other marks I replied, and asked me to write a tag in html i prepared it well but i just cant Remeber when I am asked so I replied her I dont remember and he asked to write a simple C/Java program. I wrote and asked to write another html code but i told the same answer that i dnt remember she suggested me not to panic and gave me some suggestions and wished me all d best and and I left the room and waited for 15 mins to hear the result later my name was called to the next round. So just prepare the basics and tell them honestly what u know and what you don't. The HR's were Tooooooo cooooooool.

In the HR he was also cool that he asked straight questions such as tell me about yourself, my rolemodel, my achievements and I told my strengths and weakness along with myself description and asked about the top 3 Indian companies (S/W) and my working shifts (whether I can work in any shifts and in any location, I already ticked my options and I told the same) and my willingness to sign the agreement and I answered it and he told to leave and told to wait out side and a volunteer came and told me to wait in the library and kept waiting for 1hr and we have been told people in the library has been selected and were given offer letters at 7.30 that's I am in and excited very happy. Hope this will be helpful to you. Meet u in the Accenture!!

Exam/Interview Date: 26-Nov-2010
No of Rounds: Screening Test, Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Location: Hyderabad
Contributor Name: Swetha