(Paper) Accenture Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern : October 2010

Accenture Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern : October 2010

Company Name: Accenture
Type: Fresher Job Interview

I recently attended Accenture in PSNA-Dindigul on oct-22.
The written test comprised of three sections with verbal (20), quantitative (20), analytical ability( 15) and one essay writing--total 55 questions (1 hour time).
Aptitude questions are easy. Be sure that time is very less to complete the paper. So do not waste the time in single question. There is no negative marks.

Regarding Apps - Coding and decoding, logical connectives, blood relation, statement conclusions, syllogism, figure sequence, figure pattern, condition and solve, jumble sentence, Articles, Preposition, odd man out, venn diagram, If /represents+, *represents/, +represents- and -represents* then find 3*8/2+7-2,comprehension.

Regarding GD - For us topic was Indian education system versus foreign education system. Be confidence and provide a clear speech. Do not repeat the same points. Our gesture & posture should be noted by the HR. So be conscious in tat.

Regarding Technical- Concentrate on project, and core subjects. Prepare Unique for Tell me about yourself.

Regarding HR- Go through the company profile & prepare for questions like why Accenture, Long term, Short term goal blah blah blah.......
The results were announced after 2 hours and  I was in! My date of joining is 1st January.

Exam/Interview Date: 22-Oct-2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name: Priya