(ALERT) Fraud IT Company: Givion Soft Make, Trivandrum

(ALERT) Fraud IT Company: Givion Soft Make, Trivandrum

By Sunil Sharma:
There is an old saying that history repeats itself but looks like its happening very fast and people are still not learning. Just a month after an IT company* in Trivandrum cheated its employees of crores, there is more of the same.  This new scam is a rerun of the script, to the dot.  Givion Soft Make stands accused of taking crores and fleeing in the night.

Givion Soft Make, an IT company here has shut shop leaving hundreds of software engineers in the lurch.

The MD of Givion Soft Make, Zakeer Zuhain and his associates, had taken a deposit of Rs.1.5 lakhs each from 422 trainee software engineers as refundable deposit. The company had advertised in leading newspapers and recruited fresh engineering graduates from all over the country. They were promised Rs.11250 per month for a six months training period. The real picture came into light when the first batch of 15 trainees finished their training and got their deposit refund cheques, which bounced due to insufficient funds in the company’s account.

On Saturday, hundreds of trainees blocked the national highway outside the company’s office near Trivandrum. The police have registered a case of cheating against the MD who is now absconding. They have sealed the office and raided his residence also.

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Courtesy : Techgoss.com