(Paper) HUAWEI Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 13 November 2011


Company Name : HUAWEI
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: hi friends, there was an opening for fresher on 13 November 2011, @ solitaire building domluru, Bangalore

1st Round:

  • objective type question: time 1hr 15 min
  • 20 aptitude question (quanta only) little tough
  • 20 technical (c or java) easy if u have basic knowledge

2nd Round:

Program test questions:-

There was more than one paper type, these qustns were of paper code-7001
you can opt your language c or java

  1. wap to print no. 1 to 100 without using any loop.
  2. wap to add diagonal element of matrix.(optimized will be preferable)
  3. wap to define the functions of insertion & deletion in BINARY SEARCH TREE.
  4. wap to performing merge sort of two array.
  5. wap to reverse the element of an array using one loop only.
  6. wap to count the no. of string.

ex:-if input string[]={"ravi","sonu","ravi","anand"}
then output should be ravi=2, sonu=1, anand=1

7.wap to print n prime no. in fibonnaci series of n elements.
ex:-if input n=6
then output should be 1 2 3 5 13 89

8.wap to print the following pattern with sum.
ex:-if input =5
then output =
1 1
2 3 5
4 5 6 15
7 8 9 10 34
11 12 13 14 50

(some mistakes may happen (based on memory))

Exam/Interview Date: 13-Nov-2011
No of Rounds : Technical Round-1
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name: KUNAL

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