(Company List) List of Software Companies in India (Sorted Alphabetically C to I)

List of Software Companies in India (Sorted Alphabetically C to I)




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Chakkilam Infotech Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.chakkilaminfotech.com Email: cinfotech@hd2.dot.net.in

CAD/GIS, Medical Transcription, Internet & E-commerce, Client-server technology

Chandigarh Infotech Centre Ltd., Chandigarh

Website: www.cicindia.com Email: info@cicindia.com

IT Solutions, Computer Education & Traning & IT Enabled Services, Customised Software Services, Claims Processing, Cheques Processing, Pre-press services & IT turnkey projects

Changepond Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.changepond.com Email: sindhu@changepond.com

development for e-business & mobile commerce solutions, Expertise in XML & WML on Java Beans

Chenab Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.chenab.com Email: chenabsn@vsnl.com

Web-based applications, E-commerce applications, Export management systems, Encryption Software

Cherrysoft Technologies Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.cherrysoft.com Email: sravi@cherrysoft.co.in

Web-solutions, Client-server application, Enterprise resources planning, Embedded systems software

Churchill India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Email: amit.gupta@churchill.com

Application Development and Maintenance, Systems Integration, Conversion and Migration, Specialised and Customised IT solutions, Management of Very Large Data Bases, Performance Tuning, Hardware Sizing & Configuration

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.cisco.com Email: manojc@cisco.com

Networking Equipment for Internet

CISTEMS (Software) Ltd., Jaipur

Website: www.cistemsindia.com Email: keshav@cistemsindia.com

Turnkey development of custom designed business information system, System migration & porting , Y2K Solutions , Web Designing,

Citrix Software Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.citrix.com Email: anil.menon@citrix.com

Server based computing software

CLC Technologies Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.clctechnologies.com Email: info@clctechnologies.com

Software for Apparel Industry, IT Enabled Services, Offshore customise using SQL server/access &crystal as tools

Clover Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune

Website: www.clovertechnologies.com Email: javed@clovertechnologies.com

E-commerce application development, Oracle support services, Linux support & services, application in Oracle

CMC Limited, New Delhi

Website: www.cmcltd.com Email: ssg@corp.cmc.net.in

Hardware maintenance equipment supply & Environmental Engineering, Applications in Ports & Cargo Automation, Insurance, Imaging & SCADA , Banking, Stock Exchanges & Fingerprint Automation, Education & Training and Computer Networking Services

Cogito Technologies Ltd, Noida

Website: www.cogitotech.com Email: contact@cogitotech.com

Multimedia Based Solution Development, Development of e- Learning modules, Multimedia based e- Commerce platforms & Digital Marketing Tools such as Interactive CD Rom presentations, Web based /Off line presentations, Dynamic websites

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.cognizant.com Email: RajB@chn.cognizant.com

Insurance, Healthcare, Media, Financial Services

Cognosys Software Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.cognosyscorp.com Email: vaibhav.dayal@cognosyscorp.com

Travel Technologies

Compudyne Winfosystems Limited, Bangalore

Website: www.cwlglobal.com Email: info@cwlglobal.com

3D Character Modeling, Animation, Application Development, Reengineering, Migration, Maintenance, Web Site Development, Portals, E-services, Web sourcing, Graphic Design, Corporate Presentation, Virtual Walkthrough, ,CAD/CAM/CAE, etc

Compulink Systems Pvt Ltd,

Website: www.compulnk.com Email:

Client -Server Applications Development, Internet /


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Intranet Applications Development, Work-flow Application Development, E-commerce Application

Computech International Limited, Calcutta

Website: www.computechintl.com Email: computec@cal.vsnl.net.in

Customised Application Software Development, Geographical Information System, Development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Package

Computer Clinic India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Website: wwwcomputerclinic.com Email: ccipl@del2.vsnl.net.in

School Education & Training, Maintenance provider, Marketing Computer Solutions, Onsite Services

Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt Ltd, Indore

Website: www.csc.com Email: lkrishn2@csc.com

General Insurance, Life Insurance

Congruent Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.cspl.com Email: cv@cspl.com

Web applications development using Java/J2EE framework & Microsoft middleware tools. Expertise in WebLogic, Websphere and iPlanet, B2B applications using XML, Wirelesss applications using WAP

Consindia Private Limited, Mumbai

Website: www.consindia.com Email: cpl@vsnl.com

Healthcare Products, Data Warehousing Services, Financial Sector Products

Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.cofuture.com Email: info@cofuture.com

Embedded S/W & RT System, Network Management System, CTI, Hospital Management System

Consulting Engineering Services (I) Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.cesinter.com Email: cesstp@vsnl.com

GIS & CAD based studies, MIS solutions, Web-based solutions, Customised software development

Contech Software Ltd., Gujarat

Website: www.contechsoftware.com Email: panchamukhih@contechsoftware.com

On-site & off-shore software development, Software maintenance, testing, enhancements & replatforming,?p; off-shore software development, Software maintenance, testing, enhancements & replatforming,?  E-commerce, Business Applications, Telecom, Technology

Convergent Software Limited Bangalore

Website: www.convergsoft.com Email: mani@convergsoft.com

Telecom Software , Internet Networking, E- Commerce

Convergys India Services Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.convergys.com Email: jaswinder.ghumman@convergys.com

Contact Centre Services, Billing & Customer Care Software & Services

Cordiant Interweb Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kochi

Website: www.cordiant.com Email: dpaul@cordiant.co.in

Java, IBM Websphere, Microsoft ASP

Core Solucomm Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.coresolucomm.com Email: sgoel@coresolucomm.com

Develop software & technology for Call centre, develop CRM packages for call centre

Cosmic Infotech Solutions, New Delhi

Website: www.citesindia.com Email: info@citesindia.com/vivek@citesindia.com

On site Consulting, Off- Shore Development, Web-Enabled Technologies, E- commerce, M- Commerce/ Telecommunications

Cosystems Technologies Private Limited., Bangalore

Website: www.cosystech.com Email: srini@cosystems.com

Telecom, Turnkey Product Development, Hardware design, Dedicated development facility

Covansys India (Private) Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.covansysindia.com Email: Mnataraj@covansys.com

Software development & maintenance in Mainframe, Client / Server, Internet / e-Commerce, Data Warehousing, CRM and ERP, Banking / Insurance, Retail / Distribution, Health Care, Auto / Manufacturing, Public Retirement Services, Utilities and Telecom

Cranes Software International Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.cranessoftware.com Email: asif@cranessoftware.com

Real Time operating Systems, Embedded System, Digital Signal recording, Mathematical modulation & stimulation

Creatnet Services Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.creatnet.com Email: devanshu.dutta@creatnet.com

Outsourcing services in Apparel & SLC products

Cresco Technology (P) Ltd., Noida

Website: www.crescotec.com Email: manisha@crescotec.com

Internet Solutions, Multimedia Solutions, General Applications

Crossdomain Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Email: ram@cross-domain.com

Compensation & benefits management, Insurance services, Retail management, Financial Institutional


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Crossword Software Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.crosswordsoftware.net Email: kumard@crosswordsoftware.com

Telecom operational support systems application, Customer care - applications - call centre - CRM, Software Services, professional Services

Cruise Controls Pvt Ltd, Pune

Website: www.cruise-controls.com Email: ashub@cruise-controls.com

Embedded Networking, Network Management, Telecommunications, Web Development

CustomerAsset India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.customerasset.com Email: brianc@customerasset.com

Inbound customer service & sales, Outbound Sales & collection, Tech Support, Back Office Processing

Cyber Initiatives (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad

Website: www.cyberinitiatives Email: r.arora@cyberinitiatives.com

Supply Chain application, decision support system application Oracle, Java application

Cybertech Systems and Software Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.cybertechonline.com Email: cssl@cybertech.co.in

SAP - Implementation, Post Implementation & Onsite consultancy, CISCO - Network consultancy and Facility Management, GIS - Onsite consultancy based on ESRI products, E-commerce - Providing technical resources for developing E-solutions

CybizCall (Inter national) Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.cybizcall.com Email: samchopra@cybizcall.com

Consultancy Finance, IT Enabled, Software

Cygnus Software Pvt Ltd, Pune

Website: www.cygnus.com Email: cygnus@stpp.soft.net

Finance & Banking, Internet, E-commerce & Supply Chain Management, Information Asset Management & Datawarehousing, Multimedia Applications, Japanese

Cygsoft Limited, Mumbai

Website: www.cygsoft.com Email: kshah@cygsoft.com

Network Technologies - Corba, ActiveX (COM/DCOM), LDAP (NDS/ Active Directory) DEN, JINI, Component-based software - C++, Java, JavaBeans, Java RMI, Network Management - SNMP, JMAPI, WBEM, Network Drivers, Protocols, Utilities - Ethernet, ATM, TCP/IP, IP

D E Shaw India Software Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Website: www.deshawindia.com Email: agarwala@deshaw.com

Investment Banking Applications, Internet Based Applications, Online Services, Electronic Commerce

Daksh eServices Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.daksh.com Email: nikhild@daksh.com

Outsourced email helhdesk services, eCRM consulting & Solutions, outsourced chat helhdesk services, knowledge management

Damco Advanced Technologies, New Delhi

Website: www.damcogroup.com Email: info@damcogroup.com

AS/400 Solutions - Development and Maintenance, Client Server Applications, E-commerce, Web Design & Internet Applications, Euro Conversions, Year 2000 Impact Analysis, Conversion & Testing, Training AS/400 and E-commerce.

Daniel Measurement & Control (India) Pvt Ltd, Vadodara

Website: www.astdaniel.com Email: software@astdaniel.com

Embedded software development, Automation solution, software migration & implementation, software development

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd., Hyderabad

Website: www.danlawtechnologies.com Email: raju@danlawinc.com

Embedded Systems, Portal Development, E- Comm, Knowledge Management

Data Software Research Company International Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.dsrc.com Email: maurice@dsrc.co.in

Onsite and Offshore Consultancy Services, Component Technology Development, Professional Education Services, Y2K and Euro Solutions

Datacons Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

Website: www.dcons.com Email: datacons@dcons.com

Investment, Retail and Merchant Banking, Hire Purchase Leasing, Trading and Services, Year 2000 solutions

Data-Core (India) Ltd., Calcutta

Website: www.datacoresystems.com Email: debm@dclgroup.com

Software Development, Data Processing and conversion, Turnkey Projects, Engineering Consultancy

Datacraft India Ltd., Mumbai

site: www.datacraft-asia.com Email: amit.mathad@datacraft-asia.com

Systems Integrations, End - to - end Internet And Intranet Solutions, Data Communications


Contact Address


Datamatics Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.datamatics.com Email: kanodia@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in

Bespoke - custom built solutions, Migrations & Re-Engineering, Electronic Publishing & Multimedia, Professional Services

Datamatics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.datamaticstech.com Email: Manish_modi@datamatics.com

Content Management, Back Office Processing

Datapro Infoworld Ltd., Mumbai

Specialisation: Website: www.dataproinfoworld.com Email: and@dataproindia.com

Computer Education, Software Products Distribution & Support, Software Products Development, Corporate Training and Education

Dawn Consulting, Bangalore

Website: www.consultdawn.com

Raising venture capital, Mergers & Acquisitions

DCM Datasystems Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.dcmds.co.in Email: rakesh@cosmos.dcmds.co.in

VLSI Design, Communications Software, System Software, Web Applications

DCM Technologies Limited, Gurgaon

Website: www.dcmtech.com Email: hbr@dcmtech.co.in

ASIC Design and Verification, Wireless Technologies, Web Technologies, Embedded Software

DDE ORG Systems Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.ddeorg.com Email: shankar@ddeorg.soft.net

Dairy, Telecommunications, Networking / ISP, Internet based applications

Deccan Infotech (P) Limited, Bangalore

Email: ayyar1@vsnl.com

EDP Audit & Training, Y2K Hardware /Software Testing and Remediation, Software Development, Network installation and Audit

Deccanet Designs Limited, Bangalore

Website: www.deccanetworld.com Email: venkat@deccanetworld.com

Switching transmission & access, Convergence technologies, Wireless Communication Technologies, Embedded & Telecom Testing technologies

Decision Technologies (India ) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Website: www.dtindia.com
Email: info@dt-india.com

Application Development, Network Associates Services, eBusiness Consulting, Sybase Services

Delsoft India Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Website: www.delsoft.com Email: sanjay@delsoft.com

E.D.A., Chip Design / ASIC Design,Web Content Development, DVT

Delsys Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.delsys-info.com Email: j.daruvala@vsnl.com

Information technology management consulting, Web marketing, People management, Operations outsourcing

DESS Technologies, Mumbai

Website: www.dess.net Email: dilip@dess.net

Scanning Bureau, Image-Based Data Capture and Processing, Document Management, Intranets

Dexterity Business Analysts Private Limited., Chennai

Website: www.dba-corp.com Email: palanivel@dba-corp.com

Reengineering, Software Development, Web enabling of legacy systems, Maintenance, Support and Enhancement in mainframe and client-server area

Dharma Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.dharma.com Email: dinesh@india.dharma.com

Application integration technology for new e-business solutions Products: Dharma eUnify

Differential Technologies Limited, New Delhi

Website: www.worldofdt.com Email: naveen@worldofdt.com

Web enabled Services, Dot Com incubation Services, Web based corporate solution

Digital GlobalSoft Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.digitalindiasw.com Email: peter.abreo@digital.com

Telecom software development : Network Management, Dec SS7, Fraud Management, Call Centre Solutions.,Engineering software development and support work in OS, Distributed Computing, Mail Messaging Products, Networking and Storage Products. , Applications

Digitec Engineers & Computech Pvt Ltd, Indore, MP

Website: www.digitec-india.com Email: vijay@digitec-india.net

Network integration, Wireless & Radio connectivity, Backoffice solutions

Directorate of Technical Education, Punjab, Chandigarh

Website: www.disarpunjab.com Email: dte@cnd.nic.in


Disha Online (P) Ltd, Raipur (MP)

Website: www.dishaonline.org Email: abraham@dishaonline.org

Custom made software, Web Solutions, E-governance, Training & Education

Divas Offshore Software Technologies (P) Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.divassoftware.com Email: divas@divassoftware.com

Financial Software Services, Embedded Systems, Telecom Solutions, Enterprise Solutions


Contact Address


divine India Limited, Hyderabad

Website: www.divine.com Email: gobind.baghasingh@divine.com

Specialisation: Software Design & Development, B2B e-commerce application development

DPS Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Calcutta

Website: www.dpsindia.com Email: barman4245@aol.com

Software Development, E-commerce, Data Processing, Examination Processing, Content Conversion, CAD, CAE, GIS, 3D modelling/walk-through, multi-media, simulation

DRS Infosystems Ltd, Tamil Nadu

Website: www.drsinfosystems.com Email: pioneer.group@usa.net

Software development, IT training, Systems integration, Educational sales

DSL Software Ltd., Bangalore

Email: walter.schulz@db.com

Client Server, Intranet/Internet, IBM Mainframe, Tandem, Core Banking Systems, Electronic Banking, Custodial Services, Private Banking, Investment Banking

DSQ Software Limited, Chennai

Website: www..dsqworld.com Email: crkannan@md.in.dsqsoft.com

Onsite Services, Systems Integration, Packaged Software, Training, Offshore Maintenance, Turnkey Projects, Data Capture, Data Conversion, Data Processing

DSS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Website: www.dssinfotech.com Email: rks@dss.co.in

Manufacturing, Service Industry, Insurance

Duncan Infotech, Hyderabad

Website:www.duncaninfotech.com Email: pkm@duncaninfotech.com

ERP / MRP Solutions, E-commerce / EDI / Web Technologies/ Intranet / Internet, Euro Currency Solutions, Healthcare Software Solutions

Dusk Valley Technologies Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.duskvalley.com Email: raajak@duskvalley.com

Software development & integration, onsite development for software, offshore development, application design, multimedia

E B C Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow

Email: eastern@lw1.vsnl.net.in

Legal Databases, Case-Law Research Tools, Legal Transcription

e Three R Info Systems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.e3r.net Email: atulgupta@e3r.net

Call/contact centre, back office operations, call centre training, manpower resourcing

Eastern Software Systems Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.ebizframe.com Email: ess@essmail.com

Application Software Products like ERP, Hospital Management, Distribution

e-biz Concepts (India) ltd, Ahmedabad

Website: www.e-bizconcepts.com Email: mayurkamdar@e-bizconcepts.com

E-Commerce Training, Software Exports, Overseas Job Placement, Software Services

E-Brahma Technologies (P) Ltd., Coimbatore

Website: www.e-brahma.com Email: ebrahma@vsnl.com

E-Commerce, System Integration, Consultancy, Product Support

Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Website: www.eclsys.com Email: mksinghal@eclsys.com

Application and systems programming, RBDMS Application Development, Building Websites, Microsoft Windows Programming, Multimedia Application Development, Engineering Drawings

Ecom Server India (P) Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.ecomserver.com Email: pnsuresh@ecomserver.com

Call centre solutions, M commerce, E Commece, Middleware, EAI & application development

Ecomenable Pvt Ltd, Baroda

Website: www.ecomenable.com Email: ashisht@ecomenable.com

Encryption & Digital Signatures, Digital Web & WAP Cetification, PKI Products, PKI Service

EDS - Electronic Data Systems (India) Private Limited, Gurgaon

Website: www.eds.com Email: anjali.jain@eds.com

Comprehensive integrated solutions, Program and risk management, Onshore/Offshore project execution for mainframes and open systems, Maintenance and production support, Y2K and Euro currency solutions, Migration projects

Edutech Information India Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.informaticsgroup.com Email: d_bajaj@informatics.co.in

IT Training, Software Development & Consultancy

e-enable Technologies Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.safewayindia.com Email: info@safewayindia.com

Groupware Solutions (Lotus notes Domino, CRP Solutions, AS/400 (Training), Authorized Training on IBM & Lotus Products


Contact Address


eFunds International Private Limited, Mumbai

Website: www.efunds.com Email: raju.bhatnagar@in.efunds.com

Banking, IT Enabled Services

e-Infochips Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Website: www.einfochips.com Email: info@einfochips.com

eBusiness / eCommerce : Web centric solutions, Internet / intranet / extranet applications, Web design services / portal side development, ASIC design services, GIS based decision support systems

EKnowVenture Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.eknowventure.com Email: info@eknowventure.com

Business Intelligence, eBusiness Application development, Enterprise application Integration

Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited, Chennai

Website: www.elcot.com Email: elcot@giasmd01.vsnl.net.in

Facilitation and consultancy for IT projects, Data capture services like voter ID card, Family card etc., Turnkey projects, Training

Elgi Software Ltd., Coimbatore

Website: www.elgisoftware.com Email: elgisoft@el.jet.co.in

Textile ERP Package, Customised Software Projects, E-Commerce Projects, Onsite and Offshore, Turnkey Software Project Development and Implementation

Elind Computers Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.elind-india.com Email: elindev@elind-india.com

Financial B2B exchange solutions, generic B2B solutions, securities trading systems

Emcure Infotech Ltd, Pune

Website: www.emcureinfotech.com Email: krishna@emcureinfotech.com

Web-based application development for project & product develoment, Java, EJB, JINI, J2ME, Mobile application, Database-Oracle, SQL,DB2, Application server, Web-logic, Web-sphere, O/S, MS-NT/2000, Unix

Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Website: www.tataliebert.com Email: ceo_office@tataliebert.com

Embedded Software, Microprocessor & DSP Programming, Software Testing

eMR Technology Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon

Website: www.emrtechventures.com Email: rohit@emrtechventures.com

Business Process Outsourcing, Software Development, Outsourced Call Centre, Systems Integration

Encodex Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Website: www.encodexindia.com Email: pradnya@encodexindia.com

Microsoft n-tier, DNA solutions, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Net solutions, Java expertise in J2EE, EJB, Swing, RMI, Enterprise WAP solutions & WAP gateway implementation

Enlink Infotech Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Website: www.enlinkit.com Email: information@enlinkit.com

Customer interaction services, Business Process Outsourcing, GIS Services, Data Management, CAD/CAE Services, IT Solutions

Entcomm (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.entcomm.com Email: nprasadh@entcomm.com

B2B Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions

Eonour Software Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.eonoursoftware.com Email: rkarthik@eonoursoftware.com

E-commerce solutions, Free backbone for B2B and B2C, Web Hosting, Network Security

Epicenter Technologies Pvt Ltd Mumbai

Website: www.epicentertechnology.com Email: kvjayrao@epicentertechnology.com

Financial services, Telecom, Banking, IT Services

Escosoft Technologies Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.escosoft-tech.com Email: admehta@vsnl.com

ERP Implementation, Enterprise Management Solutions, E-Commerce, IT Enabled Services

ESN Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.esntechnologies.com Email: usha@esntechnologies.com

Internet applications, Wireless/Emabedded Systems, Enterprise solutions, CAD/CAM/ Engineering Applications

eSoft Consulting Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.consultesoft.com Email: ramakanth@consulesoft.com

Telecommunication, eBusiness, Customer application development, facility management

Esols Worldwide Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.esolsww.com. Email: ajaykanoria@hotmail.com

E- Business Solutions, Customised Applications Development, Multimedia Services, Onsite Contracting/Staffing, Systems Integartion,I.T Training, Software Development,Internet & E- Commerce

eSpace Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.espacetech.com Email: chandra@espacetech.com

E-Commerce Architecture, e-Commerce Development & Integration, e-Commerce Security & Network Consulting, E-Commerce Managed Web Hosting


Contact Address


ESPL Systems Private Limited, New Delhi

Email: cmd@eelindia.com

Expertise on Unix, R & D on Microprocessor based packaging machines, Engineering and Manufacturing

Essar Information Technology Ltd., Surat (DT)

Website: www.essarinfotech.com Email: rdhariwal@essar.com

ERP, Systems integration, Manpower outsourcing

Essel Software & Services Ltd., Hyderabad

Website: www.esselsoft.com Email: srini@esselsoft.com

Vertical Application Development, E-Commerce Applications, Customised Software Development, ERP Packages Development and Implementation

Esskay Solutions Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.ess-kay.com Email: suryakvs@hd2.dot.net.in

Data Warehousing

Etisbew.com Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.etisbew.com Email: bharath@etisbew.com

consultany & projects, Software development, Onsite services, offshore services

Euclid India Limited, Hyderabad

Website: www.euclidnet.com Email: delip@euclidnet.com

Network Services - planning, design, implementation, operations and optimization, Setting up Turnkey Networks for Telco/ ISPs, VOIP, VPN, DSL and cable based technologies

Euro Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Website: www.euroinfosys.com Email: asapra@euroinfosys.com

ERP / EBS, Oracle and D2K

Eutech Cybernetics (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.ecyber.com Email: cyber@vsnl.com

Healthcare IT, Internet portal development, building automation, component development

Excel Infotech Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.eilinc.com Email: gsmaheshwari@usa.net

Software Development, E-Commerce, Medical Transcription, ISP

Exel NetCommerce Ltd, Mumbai

Email: lalitsawhney@hfcl.com

Financial Services, Consumer goods, Automation

Eximsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.eximsoft.com Email: ram@reliancesystems.com

On Site / Off Shore Services, Training, Consultancy, Packaged software, Data Conversion

ExlService.Com (I) Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Website: www.exlservices.com Email: vikram.talwar@exlservices.com

Back office process, Web/email based process, Voice based process

EXplora InfoTech Limited, Ahmedabad

Website: www.xplorainc.com Email: info@xinfy.com

Systems Integartion, software development, , Smart card applications,Interactive Information Kiosk

EZCommerce (India) Limited, Secunderabad

Website: www.dataedgeinc.com Email: dataedge@hd2.dot.net.in

eBusiness products & Packages, Off-shore services, eBusiness consultancy & BPR, ERP/CRM SCM implementation

FCS Software Solutions Ltd, Noida

Website: www.fcsltd.com Email: helpdesk@fcsltd.com

Web based application development / E-commerce, ERP (SAP, Oracle Applications), Porting Projects (Client Server Architecture), System Programming (DLL / Data transfer)

Fil - Flan Systems, Mumbai

Website: www.fil-flan.com Email: fritz@vsnl.com

IT Education, SMS Softwares, ICR Software , Web Solutions

Financial Technologies (India) Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.ftindia.com Email: jignesh.shah@ftindia.com

IPR-centric organization and a specialist in deploying mission-critical, Straight Through Processing technologies for the global financial services industry, that includes Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Forex, Treasury and Depository operations.

First Ring I Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.firstring.com Email: rajdeep.puri@firstring.com

Inbound customer care, eCommerce Customer Support, Email Processing, Telemarketing & Consultancy

Firstware Software Solutions, Chennai

Website: www.first-ware.com Email: shyam@first-ware.com

Internet Solutions, Intranet Consultancy, On-Site Services, Staffing, Training

Ford Business Service Center Private limited, Chennai

Email: nsathasi@ford.com

Accounting, Transaction processing, Audit/Internal Control, Call Center

Freemarkets Services (P) Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.freemarkets.com Email: rsarin@freemarkets.com

Develop & maintain software applications, Research & knowledge management, Develop software solutions


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Friendly Advanced Software Technology (P) Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.nasscom.org/fast Email: fast@fast.stph.net

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics, E-commerce, Y2K and Euro Currency Solutions, IBM AS/400

Frontlinesoft Ltd., Hyderabad

Website: www.frontlinesoft.com Email: nasir@frontlinesoft.com

E- Commerce Solutions, Client/Server Computing & 3 tier architecture, Database Design & development, Geographic Information System (GIS)

Future Focus Infotech Pvt. Ltd Chennai

Website: www.focusinfotech.com Email: suresh@focusinfotech.com

Internet, Intranet & Extranet Deployment, Web Content Development, Contract Staffing, Training (Individual and Corporate)

Future Software Limited, Chennai

Website: www.futsoft.com Email: kramani@future.futsoft.com

Telecommunications, Data Communications, Embedded Systems Software, Product Engineering

G M Infotech & Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.gminfotech.com Email: kbuhary@gminfotech.com

Consultancy & Projects, Internet & E-Commerce, IT Training, Software Development

Gamma Software Systems Pvt Ltd, Calcutta

Website: www.gssindia.com Email: gamma@vsnl.com

Onsite Consulting, Data Bases, E- Commerce, Networking

Gate2Biz Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.gate2biz.com Email: amrita@gate2biz.com

B2B e-commerce, e-procurement, e-marketplaces, catalogue management

GATI Intellect Systems Ltd, Secunderabad

Website: www.gatiintellect.com Email: meera@gatiintellect.com

Software Development, Software Migration, Onsite Consulting, Execution of turnkey projects, Education and Training

Gavs Information Service Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.gavsin.com Email: dharmendra@gavsin.com

Application Reengineering, E-Commerce Implementation, Corporate Treasury Information System Development, Mainframe Application Support

GE Capital Services India, Gurgaon

Website: www.ge.com Email: gecis.helpline@geind.ge.com

Back Office Operations, Call Centre, Data Processing, Revenue Accounting, CBT/WBT Content Development

Geine Technologies India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.geinetech.com Email: punit@geinetech.com

eCRM, Portal development, Website designing & developing, e-commerce

Genesis Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.genesisintl.com Email: anand@genesisintl.com

Client-server technology, E-commerce training and projects, Consultancy

Genisys Integrating Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.genuk.com Email: linaraj.urs@genisys-group.com

Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Internet

Geodesic Information Systems Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.geodesic.org Email: pankaj@geodesic.org

IT Enabled services, e-com, Software Development

Geometric Software Solutions Company Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.geometricsoftware.com Email: manup@geometricsoftware.com

CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software solutions and development services; Experise in Geometric Modeling Software (Solid and Surface modeling); Data Translation (IGES,STEP, VDA, ACIS, Parasolid, Properitory formats); Feature Recognition (Automatic & Interactive for I

Global Automation India (P) Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.global.com Email: gopal@integratech.soft.net

Wireless, Internet / Intranet, Development Tools

Global Business Technology Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.gbstindia.com Email: gopal@gbsindia.com

Software development for insurance/reinsurance companies, Legacy conversion/Maintenance, Systems integration & Data Warehousing, IT Enabled services

Global Dialnet Limited, New Delhi

Website: www.globaldialnet.com Email: care@bharatnet.com

Software development/solutions, Web solutions, ASP, Internet Technologies

Global Groupware Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.globalgroupware.com Email: sk@globalgroupware.com

Customer Relation Management, Workflow Applications

Global Infosystems Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.globalinfosys.org Email: md@globalinfosys.org

IT Consultancy, IT cources, Internet services, Customised projects

Global IT Services Ltd., Calcutta

Website: www.global-itservices.com Email: globalis@cal2.vsnl.net.in

Multi tier client-server systems design & development, Internet Technologies to Support E-business, Data


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Warehousing & Data Mining solutions

Global Software (I) Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.globalsw.com Email: knarayan@globalsw.in.com

CRM, application management, e-commerce, systems integration

Global Tech India Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Website: www.thegt.com Email: paresh@theGT.com

Customised Software Development, Multilingual Development, Internet / Intranet, Overseas Software Development

Globalsoft Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.globalsoft.co.in Email: vivek@globalsoft.co.in

Broadcasting Software, Advanced Transactions based web poratls, onsite consulting, Embedded Systems/software

Globsyn Technologies Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.globsyn.com Email: globsyn@vsnl.com

Data warehousing, Enterprise solutions (including IBM Mainframe & AS/400), Web Enablement; Multimedia, EDI / E-commerce, Y2K Solutions

Godrej Infotech Ltd, Mumbai

Website: www.godrej.com Email: pk@godrej.com

ERP consultancy, e-commerce solutions, commercial application software development, IT outsourcing

Goenka Infotech Limited, Hyderabad

Website: www.goenkainfotech.com Email: susmita.goenka@goenkainfotech.com

Independent validation & verification, validation of web page, software maitenance & web enabling of legacy applications, IT application for Power sector

Goldstone Technologies Ltd, Secunderabad

Website: www.goldstonetech.com Email: gopalkm@goldstone.net

Computing, Data Warehousing, Web Centric Applications Distributed

GrapeCity India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.grapecity.com Email: chittora@grapecity.com

Development and distribution of Active X components, Consulting Services on Microsoft technologies for Internet and Intranet solutions, Marketing, Support and Implementation of Vertical Market Solutions, Support and training on Microsoft Developer platform

Growth Compusoft Exports Ltd., Ahmedabad

Website: www.growthcompusoft.com Email: snk@growthcompusoft.com

Client Server Architecture

GTL Limited, Mumbai

Website: www.gtllimited.com Email: ajaya@gtl.co.in

Web Technologies / Internet / Intranet, ERP Solutions / E-commerce / EDI, Telecom Solutions / Billing Solutions / Communication Software, Software Development

Gujarat Informatics Limited, Gujarat

Website: www.gujaratinformatics.com Email: md@gujaratinformatics.com

e-Governance Projects, Customised Software for government, IT Architecturing, Investment Consultants

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company, Ahmedabad

Website: www.gnvfc.net Email: addesai@gnvfc.com

Internet & E-commerce services, VSAT communication, LAN/WAN, IT infrastructure, Digital certification

Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd., Ahmedabad

Website: www.gvfl.com Email: vishnu@ad1.vsnl.net.in

Venture Capital Assistance

Gulf Computers Private Limited, Mumbai

Website: www.egulf.com Email: smani@egulf.com

Oracle : Forms 4.5, Imaging Solutions, Y2K Solutions for various software (COBOL, PL1, Mantis, Easytrieve), C/S environment including Oracle tools(D2K, Des2K, Web apps), VB, Push Button, Sybase., AS 400 development, JAVA, Netscape, C++, Spatialware, Map

Hamilton Research & Technology Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta

Website: www.hamiltonresearch.com Email: hart@cal.vsnl.net.in

Turnkey solution for industrial control and communication system, Embedded controller adapted to different applications

Hays Document Management Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Website: www.hays-plc.com Email: venkat_kumar@haysdm.co.uk

IT Enabled Services/BPO, Data Acquisition, Image/Data Processing

HCC Infotech Ltd, Mumbai

Website: www.hccinfotech.com Email: db@hccinfotech.co.in

Web based ERP applications, Portal Design & Development, Datawarehousing & Mining,


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Customised software development, Design & Animation

HCL E Serve Technologies Ltd, Noida

Website: www.eserveglobal.com Email: vineet.nayyar@hpsglobal.com

Call centre -Inbound & outbound, Accounting services, Transaction processing, HR Services

HCL Infosystems Ltd, Noida

Website: www.hclinfosystems.com Email: akcd@hclinsys.com

Application development/maintenance, Technical help-desk services, SAP implementation/ABAP programming, Infrastructure services

HCL Perot Systems Pvt Ltd, Noida

Website: www.hclperot.com Email: l.ravichandran@hpsglobal.com

Investment Banking, Telecom, Energy, Migration, E-Services, Object Development

HCL Technologies Ltd, Noida

Website: www.hcltechnologies.com Email: sunayna@hclcomnet.co.in

Client Server, Imaging, Workflow & ERP, Mainframe, Legacy Systems and AS 400 based solutions, Telecom, Networking, Netcentric software & E-Commerce, Embedded Systems, DSP, ASIC Cores & System Software

Healthscribe India Limited, Bangalore

Website: www.healthscribeindia.com Email: healthscribe@healthscribe.com

Medical Trascription

Hero Corporate Services Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.herogroup.com Email: skmhnjal@herogroup.com

ERP Implementation, IT Enabled Services, CRM, Back-Office Processing

Heuristix Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.heuristix-india.com Email: heuristix@vsnl.com

Software Engineering Services and Real-Time Software Development, Object Oriented Computing Technology and GUI, Software Quality Assurance - Test Suite Development

Hewlett-Packard (India) Software Operations Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Website: chatt@india.hp.com

Product Development, Complex Software solution development, Leading edge technology, middleware and framework development.

Hexaware Technologies Limited, Chennai

Website: www.hexaware.com Email: pks@hexaware.com

ERP, E-Business, Euro services, ESM - Enterprisewide Systems Management, Services - Consulting, Maintenance, Development

Hinduja TMT Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.hindujatmt.com Email: rameshck@htmy.soft.net

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Hiperworld Cybertech Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.hiperworld.com Email: as@hiperworld.com

E Commerce-Netbased, WAP, SMS, Application Service Provider, B2B, MarketPlace, SCM, DCM, CRM, Payment gateway

Hi-Tech Compucare, Tripura

Email: hitecagt1@hotmail.com

Maintenance and Support, Software Development, Consultancy, Training

HMA STARware Ltd, Chennai

Website: www.hmastarware.com Email: harishmurthi@vsnl.com

Banking Software Products & Services, Middleware & Switching Products

Holool E-Business Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.holool.com Email: mohan@holool.com

E-business, Oracle support services, E-governance, Consulting

Honeywell India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Email: contact-hiso@honeywell.com

Real-time embedded systems, Desktop tools, Internet technologies, Mission critical software

HOPE Technologies Ltd., New Delhi

Website: www.hopeindia.com Email: amit.duttagupta@hope-consulting.com

CAD, CAM / CAE, GIS, Web enabled electronic cataloging

House of Code (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.houseofcode.com Email: sunil@houseofcode.com

Internet and Intranet, Data Web Housing, Web Enablement

Houston Technologies Ltd New Delhi

Website: www.houstontechnologies.com Email: bahuja@housontechnologies.com

Systems Integration, IT Enabled services, Internet 7 E-Commerce, Off-shore Services

HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Website: www.hsbc.com Email: adrianholland@hsbc.com

Back office operations, IT Enabled Services

HTC Software Development Centre, Chennai

Website: www.htcinc.com Email: madhava@htcinc.com

Professional Services, Application Outsourcing, Project Management, Packaged Service


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Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Website: www.huawei.com Email: jack@in.huawei.com

Telecom, Network Management, Datacom, Wireless solutions

Hughes Software Systems Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: www.hssworld.com Email: info@hss.hns.com

Protocol stacks - telecom and data communication, Internet and Electronic Commerce offerings, Network Management and Mediation Device Systems, Intelligent Networks & Switching Solutions

Human Base India Inc., Bangalore

Website: www.humanbaseindia.com Email: human@vsnl.com

Business and Financial Applications, Process Control Applications, Supply Chain Management Systems, Expertise in Japanese Environment

Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.hurix.com Email: subrat.mohanty@hurix.com

E-learning application

i2 Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Website: www.i2.com Email: firdosh_debara@i2.com

Electronic business process optimization which includes Supply chain management, Product lifecycle management, Customer management

IBILT Technologies Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.ibilttechnologies.com Email: ashok@ibilttechnologies.com

Information Strategy planning, Enterprise Business Application, Web Transformation, Network Design & implementation, Knowledge & Data mining

IBM Global Services IndiaPvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Website: www.ibm.com Email: ushukla@in.ibm.com

E-commerce Solutions, ERP Implementation services, Software development and maintenance, Business Intelligence Solutions

IBS Software Services (P) Ltd, Trivandrum

Website: www.ibsplc.com Email: vkm@ibsplc.com

Air transportation business, E-commerce, Web enabling technologies, Finance & Banking, Healthcare

iCelerate Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore

Website: www.icelerate.com Email: info@icelerate.com

Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, C, C++, Web technologies / Database management, Device Drivers / Colour Management / Biometrics, Card personalization including abase management, Device Drivers / Colour Management / Biometrics, Card personalization including ?Sma

ICICI Infotech Services Ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.icici-infotech.com Email: patilm@infotech.icici.com

IT Enabled Services, Software Development (Emphasis on Financial Sector)

ICICI OneSource Limited, Mumbai

Website: www.icicionesource.com Email: ananda.mukerji@icicibank.com

Call Centre, IT Enabled Services, Transaction Processing, Business Process Outsourcing

Icon Data Management Ltd, Noida

Website: www.e-icondata.com Email: sviswanathan@idml.net

Back office operations, e-CRM, web centre

iCope Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore

Website: www.icope.com Email: icope@icope.com

Telecommunication, Telematics, Messaging, Internet

IDBI Intech Ltd Navi Mumbai

Website: www.idbintech.com Email: ss.godbole@idbiintech.com

eCommerce Services, Shared services, Software solutions/product development, systems integration

Ideaspace Solutions Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.ideasp.com Email: orsrao@ideasp.com

Entreprise application integration, IT application in Finance, IT application in Utilities, Mobile & Wireless application

IDS Infotech Limited, Chandigarh

Website: www.idsil.com Email: partap@idsil.com

Back Office Operations, Medical Transcription, Call Centres, Marine Software

i-flex solutions ltd., Mumbai

Website: www.iflexsolutions.com Email: sunil.robert@iflexsolutions.com

Mobile business solutions, E-business solutions, Genomics - bioinformatics

IICE Technologies Ltd, New Delhi

Website: www.webtechnologiesusa.com Email: president@webcomtechnologiesusa.com

Web & E-training, Internet solutions, Placements

IIS Scientific Computing Ltd, Noida

Website: www.scicmp.com Email: chakra@scicmp.com

Oil & gas exploration software, GIS, 2D/3D imaging, CAE software & services

I-Labs Ltd, Hyderabad

Website: www.i-labs.org Email: ramesh.gopigiri@I-labs.ws

Software products & Services for the Banking & Finance Industry



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