(Sample Paper) Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)

Sample Paper : Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)

1) What do you mean by analysis and design?

2) What are the steps involved in designing?

3) What are the main underlying concepts of object orientation?

4) What do u meant by "SBI" of an object?

5) Differentiate persistent & non-persistent objects?

6) What do you meant by active and passive objects?

7) What is meant by software development method?

8) What are models and meta models?

9) What do you meant by static and dynamic modeling?

10) How to represent the interaction between the modeling elements?

11) Why generalization is very strong?

12) Differentiate Aggregation and containment?

13) Can link and Association applied interchangeably?

14) What is meant by "method-wars"?

15) Whether unified method and unified modeling language are same or different?

16) Who were the three famous amigos and what was their contribution to the object community?

17) Differentiate the class representation of Booch, Rumbaugh and UML?

18) What is an USECASE? Why it is needed?

19) Who is an Actor?

20) What is guard condition?

21) Differentiate the following notations?

22) USECASE is an implementation independent notation. How will the designer give the implementation details of a particular USECASE to the programmer?

23) Suppose a class acts an Actor in the problem domain, how to represent it in the static model?

24) Why does the function arguments are called as "signatures"?