(Paper) CTS Experienced Campus Drive Recruitment Pattern: 20-Jan-2011

CTS Experienced Campus Drive Recruitment Pattern: 20-Jan-2011

Company Name : CTS
Type : Experienced
Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi, My name is Mallikarjun,
I attended CTS off campus on 8 January 2011 in Osteen College, Bangalore. Written test is easy to clear, 55 question (25 verbal, 30 reasoning) 60 minutes . In the answer sheet, there are some questions like follows.

  •  Your software exposure.
  •  Your hobbies and interests.
  •  What do you expect from Cognizant?
  •  What is your long term and short term plan?
  •  Which skills one should have to be successful in software industry?
  • Strengths , weakness.

Carefully answer this questions why because  in HR round they will ask question based on your answers.

Tech Interview

: Good Morning
HR: Good Morning, Mallikarjun take your seat
Me: Thank you sir
HR: Tell me about self with Tech skills
Me: Told , I am strong in c, c++, sql.
HR: Tell me about your academics projects
Me: I Explain it properly, HR impressed.
HR: Asked me to write some simple programs
Me: I write all them perfectly (impressed).
HR: Given tables . Asked to write sql queries on that.
Me: I Write all queries correctly
HR: Good. Asked me to how to connect SqlServer database in .net.( why because I have done my projects in .net)
Me: by using connection strings
HR: asked me to write code
Me: done it perfectly
HR: how to connect oracle database in .net
Me: by using OLEDB
HR: difference between  round(5.45,1) and round(5.45,-1)
Me: sorry sir, I don’t know
HR: ok Mallikarjun nice to meet you with firm shake hand
Me : thank  you sir
I am confident that ill clear tech round .And finally a guy came and said u r selected for hr round.

HR Round

It was very easy round. Asked standard hr questions. Tell about your self?
Some questions on hobbies
Strengths and Weakness
Why CTS?
What do you know about  CTS?
Are you Willing to relocate?
I answer all the questions confidently . Hr tell me results will announce with in 2days. I got Email with in one day . I am very happy that I selected. Believe in your self and GOD.
Thanks for fresherworld. It helps me a lot for preparing
Interviews. See you in COGNIZANT…

Exam/Interview Date : 20-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name : Mallikarjun