(Paper) NAC-Tech - NASSCOM Sample Test Papers

Paper : NAC-Tech - NASSCOM Sample Test Papers

NAC-Tech - NASSCOM Sample Test Papers

Section 1 - Verbal Ability

No. of Questions: 15
Duration in Minutes: 15
Directions for Questions 1-5:

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on the basis of the information provided in the passage.

Are we alone? The question has tickled the human imagination for years, perhaps ever since our earliest ancestors looked up at the night sky into the endless sea of stars. Is anyone else out there?

Humans do not yet have a definitive answer to the question, but a team of astronomers running computer simulations of planet formation has found that Earth-like planets with enough water to support life could be fairly common.

The team ran 44 simulations of planet formation near a sun and found that each simulation produced one to four terrestrial (rocky, Earth-like) planets, including 11 planets at about the same distance from their stars as Earth is to the sun.

"It's hard to say we sampled exactly the conditions in the galaxy in which terrestrial planets form, but in the cases we chose, an Earth-like planet formed in about a quarter of the cases," said Sean Raymond, an astronomer at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Raymond is the lead author of a paper on the simulations, recently accepted for publication in the astronomy journal Icarus. The co-authors are Thomas Quinn at the University of Washington and Jonathan Lunine at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

The simulations show a wide variety of planets forming; everything from dry planets like Mars, to Earth-like planets, to planets three times as large as Earth with 20 times as much water.

Greg Laughlin, an astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and expert on planet formation, said he agrees with the interpretation that the universe may be full of a variety of planets, including Earth-like planets with significant water to harbor life.

"There is nothing in our current understanding of planet formation and planetary systems to suggest that the basic architecture of our solar system is particularly unusual", he said.

1) From the passage, we can conclude that there is__________ possibility of life on any planet other than Earth:

A) No
B) Very low
C) Very high
D) Cannot be determined

2) Icarus is a/an:

A) Astrology journal
B) Weekly magazine
C) Aircraft
D) Astronomy journal

3) The simulations conducted showed all of the following results EXCEPT:

A) Each simulation produced one to four Earth-like planets.
B) Earth-like planets may be quite common
C) Earth-like planet formation occurred in about 25% of the cases
D) Earth-like planet formation of a much larger size with hydrogen seas instead of water.

4) Greg Laughlin is:

A) An astronomer
B) An expert on planet formation
C) Both an astronomer and an expert on planet formation
D) Lead author of Icarus

5) What can be said about the simulations?

A) They were conducted and the results taken from a real life situation.
B) They were sampled exactly in the conditions in which the planets in a galaxy are formed.
C) In about a quarter of the cases an Earth like planet was formed.
D) The simulations show that the variety of planets forming is very low.

Directions for Questions 6-9:

Choose the option, which will CORRECTLY fill the blank.

6) The speech was filled _______ examples.

A) From
B) Of
C) With
D) In

7) The subscription rate of a magazine is Rs.50 __ the first three months and this increases to Rs.120 if it is______ one year.

In, from
B) For, for
C) For, of
D) In, for

8) We found it difficult to agree _______ what to do with the money.

A) On
B) For
C) At
D) With

9) The Germans suffered heavy losses _______ World War II.

B) During
C) Into
D) With

Directions for Questions 10-12:

Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in ITALICS from the given options.

10) The doctor in the village turned out to be a quack.

A) Duck Lover
B) Pretender
C) Duck Hater
D) Genius

11) Is there any alternate method to arrive at the answer?

A) Different
B) Easy
C) Substitute
D) Effective

12) At the party, she was piqued with the gentleman in the red shirt.

A) Annoyed
B) Pleased
C) Flirting
D) Shy

Directions for Questions 13-15:

Choose the answer option which will CORRECTLY fill the blank.

13) _______ first episode of the new serial is going on air tonight.

B) A
C) An
D) No article required

14) He remembered that _____ moon looked lovely that night.

A) A
B) An
C) The
D) No article required

15) __ engineers, who appeared for __ test and failed, were given __ alternative to join as assistants in a different department.

A) The, the, a
B) The, the, an
C) An, a, the
D) An, an, an