(Paper) CTS Placement Paper Pattern & Interview Held on 10th April 2007 at Kolkata

Paper: CTS Placement Paper Pattern & Interview Held on 10th April 2007 at Kolkata

Verbal and Non-verbal was very easy. Only problem is the time constraint, so a little bit of practicing before exams help.

After that it was HR+Tech ..

Me - Good afternoon sir,
Hr - good afternoon, please sit.
Me - Thank you, sir.

Hr - so Chiranjib, tell me why do you want to join cognizant?
Me - high growth rate, work environment .. bla bla bla ..

Hr - so your hobbey is listening to music, what kind of music do you listen to ?
(I gave Music, Movies, Football, Computer Games, blogging and image editing/wallpaper designing as my hobby, so what ever you give as hobby, get a decent knowledge about that subject.)
Me - mostly Rock and Metal. I am a big Pink Floyd fan.

Hr - what other bands you listen to other than pink Floyd ??
Me - sir,I also like bob Dylan and The Beatles .Nowadays I am also into death metal, I love Obituary etc .

Hr - ok, what is you favorite Pink Floyd song?
Me - (after a few second of pause as if I am trying to find which is my favorite pink Floyd song among hundreds of songs by them :P )Comfortably Numb.

Hr - hmmm, so you watch movies too, what kind of movies ??
Me - mainly European movies, I don't like masala bolywood movies. movies like city of God, y tu mama tambien etc ..

Hr - you have seen city of God (very impressed, at that time I was almost sure that I have done it ;)) .

Me - yes sir. infact I have seen CDD 3 times .. it's a revolutionary movie.

After this it was more of a discussion on European and Mexican and Brazilian movies. I am a movie geek so no problem for me .. Again as I said get some good knowledge about your hobbies.

Hr - do you play football ?
Me - yes sir, I play for my class football team in college, though due to projects and lab woks don't get time to practice too often .

Hr - favorite team, favorite footballer ?
Me - Arsenal, henry and fabregas.

(I gave over-enthusiasm as my -ve point)

Hr - why do you think over enthusiasm is a -ve aspect for you??
Me - said from a personal experience, how I once suffered for too much enthusiasm.

Hr - ok , so do you have any problem with relocation ??
Me - no sir .. and show some reasons why it wont be any problem.

Hr - ok, do you have any question?

Me -(sadly I forgot to prepare for any question to ask :P ) after a bit stammering (acted as if I have too many question to ask :P ) what re we taught during that 2 months of training.

Hr - answered.(please pay attention to what ever he/she says, and ask 1 or 2 question according to his answer to the first question, this will impress him/her very much as if you really want to join cognizant at any cost.)

Atyer 2-3 questions..
Hr - ok thank you.
Me -thank you sir.

So this is it. The interview barely lasted for 10 mintues. not a single tech question was asked to me. but some of my friend were interviewed for 30-40 mintues and those were completely tech interview question.

After about an hour the results were announced and i was selected

Apti - 112 - 104.Hr/Tech - 103 -50.

That's about it. remember to be cool, be a bit funny and show real interest in joining the company, best Of Luck to you all ..