(Paper) CTS Interview Held on 15th March 2007 at Durgapur

Paper: CTS Interview Held on 15th March 2007 at Durgapur

Their ppt was superb, as us dvd followed with power point presentation. the hr manager of cognizant was great, his voice was like a news reader (srinivasan jain of ndtv). entire panel (there were total 18 panels 1:1 interview ratio) was very very friendly and gentle.

ppt started very early in the morning near about 7:30 am after that they gave us a HR form

My interview started near 12.15 pm. Interviewer was very nice and friendly.
me: may i come in sir.
int: yes Abhijeet plz come in.
me: very good afternoon sir with a firm handshake
int: plz have a sit Abhijeet!!!!
me: thank you sir.
int: abhijeet plz tell me something about yourself.
me: said.........
int: tell me something about your family.
favorite subject: C, industrial, process control (m from EIE deptt.)
int: shall i ask u from C
me: of course sir, i am comfortable in C
int: what is link list
its type, lifo, fifo,
if we not write getch in program will it be executed
if yes then what about its output
types of sorting
tell me any one of them
then again ask me to xplain all (just to check my attitude, i started then he just smiled and said its ok Abhijeet)
x2634 means what
me: i answered all questions, he was quite impressed.
he told me that ur frm EIE deppt. but ur having a good knowledge of C, hwz its possible i simply said that i am fan of C and i simply love C language
int: smiled and told me: nice to meet blah blah..wait till 4 '0 clock
me: thank you too n hoping for a positive reply from ur side.
int: smiled and said see u at the seminar hall, there we will announce the result.

result: m selected (THANK GOD!!!!!!)
STATISTICS: total appeared:
aptitude test + top 66 (we have 6 deptt. and mca 10 x6 + 6(mca))= 297
shortlisted for interview: 91 + top 66 = 157
final selection: 78

IMP points:
Don't think that it is so easy, two of the panels are rejecting panels only (interviewed 20 students selected only 2 of them). One of my friend was asked to answer 23 technical questions from core instrumentation + C etc etc. (he had a bunch of questions with him) he answered 17 of them (50 min pi) still not selected. Question varies from panel to panel (class xii physics strokes theorem to cyclestealing to intel 8277 chip to smoke detectors etc etc.) you may not be asked any technical questions (specially for female candidates!!!)
another panel was core electrical (basic Electrical, Mathematical graphs etc. etc.)